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Comprehensive 24/7 services including diagnostic digital radiology, laboratory, cardiology and ultrasound services.

1.   Nurse Consulting Services: May help improve "infection control" related survey results, which ultimately impacts your Star Rating.*

2.   Hospital Re-Admission Education: We offer training modules that may help reduce "avoidable" hospital re-admissions and impact your bottom line.

3.   Bundled Service Solution: Comprehensive 24/7 services for your bedside diagnostic needs: Laboratory,
Digital Radiology
, Ultrasound, EKG and PICC Insertion (more services coming soon!)

4.   EMR Resources: We offer an IT team dedicated to integrating invoices and diagnostic results electronically in real-time.

5.   Territory Managers: Dedicated to servicing your facility needs 24/7.

6.   Third-Party Resources: Preferred vendor with managed care providers, which may impact your bottom line.

7.   Web Portal: Online results, trending, graphing, texting, emailing; Designed to save nurses' time and enhance care delivery.

8.   Customized Antibiogram: Supports faster treatment of infections and may help lower pharmaceutical costs.

9.   Cumulative QA reporting: Culture, microbiology, x-ray, ultrasound and picc data presented at your QA meetings to help identify trends and mitigate risk.

10.   Chart Auditing: Assists in improving survey outcomes. *

*Additional fees may apply