Diagnostic Laboratories and Radiology
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Diagnostic Laboratories and Radiology

Laboratory Services

Diagnostic Laboratory is the largest provider in the USA of comprehensive mobile phlebotomy and digital radiology services, performing over 4 million tests annually for long-term care facilities.

DL provides the highest standard of services to skilled nursing and healthcare facilities and correctional institutions. We are chosen because of our proven commitment to integrity and quality digital radiology and laboratory services, protecting patient data according to the highest privacy standards.

  • We offer a range of laboratory services, some including:
  • Blood Chemistry
  • Culture and Sensitivity
  • Drug Levels
  • Drug Screening
  • Antibody Detection

Modern state-of-the-art equipment expedites reporting while maintaining quality, which benefits our customers through:
  • Dedicated Consulting Services
  • Client Services Support
  • Nursing Support
  • Internet Reporting

Our sales consultants are available to collate laboratory data and assist clients with quarterly infection control meetings. Our staff presents data on organisms, isolated, sensitivity patterns and other metrics to assist long-term care facilities with their quality programs.
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